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Real Estate Law Overview

The Law Firm of Andrew Pearson and Associates are real estate lawyers known for their in-depth experience and understanding of real estate matters and real property law.

We study problems, disputes, issues and transactions from every angle to deliver real solutions that make sense.

We serve a diverse clientele in the Chicagoland area, ranging from single family property, condominiums and commercial properties. Our real estate attorneys provide authoritative counsel and formidable representation.

Our boutique practice provides sophisticated solutions and strategy, from routine matters to complex transactions. Our legal team handles the full spectrum of residential real estate matters.

We represent buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. Through our streamlined process, we are able to provide the epitome of a professional transaction from the very first review of the Contract of Sale and all the way through closing.

AJP attorneys have a comprehensive working knowledge of real estate law – attorneys who also have keen market insights into the ever-changing world of real estate gained through varied and challenging representations.

Our real estate attorneys are here to simplify the process, we will be with you each step and will walk you through each step and protect your interests at every step of the way.

Typical services we provide to our Sellers and Buyers:

  • Preparation, review and negotiation of the real estate contract
  • Resolving any issues (including issues of repair, termite damage, etc.) prior to closing
  • Correspondence with the other party, title company and mortgage company (for buyers)
  • Preparation for closing, including obtaining necessary title work
  • Review of mortgage commitment and title commitment
  • Preparation for closing
  • Representation at closing.

Contacts us if you are planning on buying or selling real property; we will be happy to walk you through the process.

Real estate law refers to the body of laws and regulations that govern the purchase, sale, ownership, and use of property, including land and buildings. This area of law covers a broad range of topics, from property rights and zoning regulations to landlord-tenant disputes and foreclosure proceedings.

Common Areas of Real Estate Law in Illinois

Real estate law covers many nuanced and specific matters, but most of these matters fall under three main areas of the law: (1) property ownership; (2) zoning and land use; and (3) landlord-tenant relationships.

Property Ownership

One of the key aspects of real estate law is property ownership. In the United States, property ownership is typically based on a system of deeds and titles, which provide evidence of ownership and transfer of property from one party to another. Real estate law also governs the rights and responsibilities of property owners, including:

  • The right to use and enjoy their property

  • The obligation to pay property taxes

  • The duty to maintain the property in a safe and habitable condition

Zoning and Land Use Regulations

Another important area of real estate law is zoning and land use regulations. These regulations are put in place by local governments to ensure that land is used in a manner consistent with the community's goals and objectives.

Zoning laws can dictate what types of buildings can be constructed on a particular piece of property, as well as how the property can be used, such as for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes.

Landlord-Tenant Relationships

Real estate law also includes rules and regulations governing landlord-tenant relationships. These laws outline the rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants, including but not limited to:

  • The requirement to provide safe and habitable housing

  • The obligation to pay rent on time

  • The procedures for eviction and lease termination

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